Dnjepr dnjepropetrowsk

dnjepr dnjepropetrowsk

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At first the city developed radially from the central point provided by the Transfiguration Cathedral. Neo-classical structures of brick and stone construction were preferred and the city began to take on the appearance of a typical European city of the era.

Of these buildings many have been retained in the city's older Sobornyi District. Over the next few decades, until the October Revolution in the city did not change much in appearance and the predominant architectural style remained that of neo-classicism.

Notable buildings built in the era preceding the Bolsheviks' rise to power and the establishment of communist Ukraine and later its absorption into the Soviet Union , include the main building of the National Mining University , which was built in —, [78] the art-nouveau inspired building of the city's former Duma, [79] the Dnipropetrovsk National Historical Museum, and the Mechnikov Regional Hospital.

Other buildings of the era that did not fit the typical architectural style of the time in Dnipropetrovsk include, [80] the Ukrainian-influenced Grand Hotel Ukraine , the Russian revivalist style railway station since reconstructed , [81] and the art-nouveau Astoriya building on Akademik Yavornitskyi Prospekt.

Stalinist architecture monumental soviet classicism dominates in the city centre. In , a monument to Catherine the Great that stood in front of the Mining Institute was replaced with one of Russian academic Mikhail Lomonosov.

The main railway station, for example, was stripped of its Russian-revival ornamentation and redesigned in the style of Stalinist social-realism, [85] whilst the Grand Hotel Ukraine survived the war but was later simplified much in design, with its roof being reconstructed in a typical French mansard style as opposed to the ornamental Ukrainian baroque of the pre-war era.

Other badly damaged buildings were, more often than not, demolished completely and replaced with new structures.

For example, the Emperor Nicholas II Commercial Institute in Dnipropetrovsk was reconstructed to serve as the administrative centre for the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, a function it fulfils to this day.

Other buildings, such as the Potemkin Palace were given over to the proletariat, in this case as the students' union of the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University.

After the death of Stalin and appointment of Khrushchev , who had spent his early working years in Ukraine, as party secretary, the industrialisation of Dnipropetrovsk became even more profound, with the Southern Yuzhne Missile and Rocket factory being set up in the city.

However, this was not the only development and many other factories, especially metallurgical and heavy-manufacturing plants, were set up in the city.

As a result of all this industrialisation the city's inner suburbs became increasingly polluted and were gradually given over to large, unsightly industrial enterprises.

At the same time the extensive development of the city's left bank and western suburbs as new residential areas began. In in line with the city's renaming a large monumental statue of Grigoriy Petrovsky was placed on the square in front of the city's station.

To this day the city is characterised by its mix of architectural styles, with much of the city's centre consisting of pre-revolutionary buildings in a variety of styles, stalinist buildings and constructivist architecture, whilst residential districts are, more often than not, made up of aesthetically simple, technically outdated mid-rise and high-rise housing stock from the Soviet era.

Despite this, the city does have a large number of 'private sectors' were the tradition of building and maintaining individual detached housing has continued to this day.

Since the independence of Ukraine in and the economic development that followed, a number of large commercial and business centres have been built in the city's outskirts.

Late November about streets, 5 of the 8 city districts and one metro station were renamed to comply with decommunization laws.

The population of the city is about 1 million people. The number of males declined slightly more than the number of females. The natural population growth in Dnipro is slightly higher than growth in Ukraine in general.

This was part of a national trend. The same survey reported the following results for the religion of adult residents.

Dnipro is a major industrial centre of Ukraine. It has several facilities devoted to heavy industry that produce a wide range of products, including cast-iron , rolled metal, pipes, machinery , different mining combines, agricultural equipment , tractors , trolleybuses , refrigerators, different chemicals and many others.

The city also has big food processing and light industry factories. Many sewing and dress-making factories work for France, Canada, Germany and Great Britain [ citation needed ] , using the most advanced technologies, materials and design.

Dnipro has also dominated in the aerospace industry since the s; construction department Yuzhnoye Design Bureau and Yuzhmash are well known to the specialists [ which?

Employment in the city is concentrated in large-sized enterprises. With economic conditions improving even further in and , registered unemployment fell to about 4, by the end of Dniproavia , an airline, has its head office on the grounds of Dnipropetrovsk International Airport.

None of the group's capital is publicly traded on the stock exchange. Group's founding owners are natives of Dnipro and made their entire career here.

Privatbank , the core of the group, is the largest commercial bank in Ukraine. Privat Group is in business conflict with the Interpipe , also based in Dnipro area.

The influential metallurgical mill company founded and mostly owned by the local business oligarch Viktor Pinchuk.

The company owns the largest national network of retail shops. The main forms of public transport used in Dnipro are trams, buses, electric trolley buses and marshrutkas —private minibuses.

In addition to this there are a large number of taxi firms operating in the city, and many residents have private cars.

The city's municipal roads also suffer from the same funding problems as the trams, with many of them in a very poor technical state. Major roads and highways are of better quality.

In recent years the situation has, however, been improving, with a number of new used trams bought from the German cities of Dresden and Magdeburg, [] and a number of roads, including Schmidt Street and Moskovsky Street being reconstructed with modern road-building techniques.

Dnipro also has a metro system , opened in , which consists of one line and 6 stations. Completion of the next two stations is necessary to make the municipal subway system profitable.

At the present time the completion date is unknown. As of [update] the central portion of the city's metro line has seen renewed construction efforts and the metro has been transferred to municipal ownership in the hope that this will help it secure a loan from the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction.

Dnipro has some highways crossing through the city. The most popular routes are from Kiev , Donetsk , Kharkiv and Zaporizhia. Transit through the city is also available.

As of [update] the city is also seeing construction of a southern urban bypass, which will allow automobile traffic to proceed around the city centre.

This is expected to both improve air quality and reduce transport issues from heavy freight lorries that pass through the city centre.

The largest bus station in eastern Ukraine is located in Dnipro, from where bus routes are available to all over the country, including some international routes to Russia, Poland, Germany, Moldova and Turkey.

It is located near the city's central railway station. In the summertime, there are some routes available by hydrofoils on the Dnieper River , whilst various tourist ships on their way down the river, Kiev—Kherson—Odessa tend to make a stop in the city.

Dnipro's river port is located close to the area surrounding the central railway station, on the banks of the river. It is a good example of constructivist architecture from the late period of the Soviet Union.

The city is a large railway junction, with many daily trains running to and from Eastern Europe and on domestic routes within Ukraine.

There are two railway terminals, Dnipro Holovnyi main station and Dnipro Lotsmanska south station. Two express passenger services run each day between Kiev and Dnipro under the name 'Capital Express'.

Other daytime services include suburban trains to towns and villages in the surrounding Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

Most long-distance trains tend to run at night to reduce the amount of daytime hours spent travelling by each passenger. It is located 15 kilometres 9.

The city has a river port located on the left bank of the Dnieper. There is also a railroad freight station. There are educational institutions among them schools, gymnasiums and boarding schools.

For children of pre-school age there are institutions, also a lot of out-of -school institutions such as center of out-of-school work.

In a survey in June—July , adult respondents reported the following educational levels: In the same year as the latter took place, the youth group 'Eksperiment', an organisation promoting increased cultural awareness amongst Ukrainians, was founded in the city.

Honchar was on the 9th place among the best high education institutions in "TOP Ukraine" list. The list below is a list of all current state-organised higher educational institutions not included are non-independent subdivisions of other universities not based in Dnipro.

Currently around 55, students study in Dnipro, a significant number of whom are students from abroad. The city has a variety of theatres plus an Opera and museums of interest to tourists, including the Dmytro Yavornytsky National Historical Museum.

There are also several parks, restaurants and beaches. The major streets of the city were renamed in honour of Marxist heroes during the Soviet era.

Following the law on decommunization these have been renamed. The central thoroughfare is known as Akademik Yavornitskyi Prospekt, a, wide and long boulevard that stretches east to west through the centre of the city.

It was founded in the 18th century and parts of its buildings are the actual decoration of the city. In the heart of the city is Soborna Square, which includes the majestic cathedral founded by order of Catherine the Great in On the square, there are some remarkable buildings: Walking down the hill to the Dnieper River , one arrives in the large Taras Shevchenko Park which is on the right bank of the river and on Monastyrsky Island.

This island is one of the most interesting places in the city. In the 9th century, the Byzantine monks based a monastery here. A few areas retain their historical character: The Dnieper River keeps the climate mild.

From any of the three hills in the city, one can see a view of the river, islands, parks, outskirts, river banks and other hills.

There was no need to build skyscrapers in the city in Soviet times. The major industries preferred to locate their offices close to their factories and away from the centre of town.

Most new office buildings are built in the same architectural style as the old buildings. A number, however, display more modern aesthetics, and some blend the two styles.

Since independence they have won the Ukrainian Championship once and the Ukrainian League Cup three times. The club is owned by the Privat Group.

A bandy team, a basketball team and others use the same name. Other local football include: Recently the city built a new soccer stadium; the Dnipro-Arena has a capacity of 31, people and was built as a replacement for Dnipro's old stadium, Stadium Meteor.

The Dnipro Arena was initially chosen as one of the Ukrainian venues for their joint Euro bid with Poland.

However it was dropped from the list in May as the capacity fell short of the minimum 33, seats required by UEFA. The city is the centre of Ukrainian bandy.

See also List of mayors and political chiefs of the Dnipro city administration. The city of Dnipro is twinned with:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the city. For other uses, see Dnipro disambiguation. For other uses, see Dnipropetrovsk disambiguation.

City of regional significance in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine. Location in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

Ukrainian War of Independence. Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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City of regional significance Ukraine. People from Dnipro category. List of twin towns and sister cities in Ukraine. On 3 February a draft law was registered in the Verkhovna Rada the Ukrainian parliament to change the name of the city to Dnipro.

The resolution was approved by out of the MPs, with 16 opposing the measure. According to the image file the map is by Schubert and dates from about Though Ukrainian Wikipedia claims that it dates from The map shows the old Amur railway bridge across the river, which was completed in Archived from the original PDF on 4 March Archived from the original on 25 October Retrieved 28 November Retrieved 16 August State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

Retrieved 11 September Workers, Strikes, and Pogroms: Retrieved 19 May The decision comes into force from the date of its adoption.

Peter , 29 December Retrieved 12 March The riot broke out on Thursday 14 June , and was quelled by Soviet troops on Friday 15 June , killing one prisoner and wounding another.

Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs - Casefile: Court delivers its verdicts" in Russian. Archived from the original on 28 March Retrieved 24 February Retrieved 1 May Archived from the original on 12 October Retrieved 7 August Archived from the original on 29 July English language version of this page has disappeared since , but Russian language version still present.

Polish wikipedia says Archived 7 July at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original on 6 March Retrieved 18 November Archived from the original PDF on 22 August Retrieved on 21 June Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 25 March Archived from the original on 30 June Retrieved 20 February Archived from the original on 23 February Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Retrieved 2 January Retrieved 9 August Archived from the original on 18 August Retrieved 29 July Archived from the original on 31 March Retrieved 4 January Official Partner Cities ".

Zhuk, Rock and Roll in the Rocket City: Woodrow Wilson Center Press, , 18— Spartak Moscow veterans, and Dnipro against Dynamo Kyiv.

As a gift to the club from the city, the street that the stadium is situated on was renamed into Kucherevskyi Boulevard, in honour of Dnipro's late coach Yevhen Kucherevskyi.

Dnipro played their first official game on 29 September against their local rivals Metalurh Zaporizhya , but Dnipro lost 1—2. They set a new attendance record for the Ukrainian Premier League —09 season at 31, spectators.

Since the beginning of conflict in Eastern Ukraine , Dnipro have played their European matches at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev at the behest of UEFA , although there has been comparatively less conflict in Dnipropetrovsk than other areas.

The formation of the fan movement in Dnipropetrovsk began in the early s, which saw the appearance of the first representatives of Dnipro ultras at the stadium.

Most of the fans hold right-wing ideological views Ukrainian nationalism. Dnipro is considered the third most popular club in Ukraine, and home and away matches are attended by large crowds.

The most famous derby in eastern Ukraine is the Skhidne Derby English: Eastern Derby between Dnipro and Metalist Kharkiv. The game at the stadium is very hard and almost every game ends in a fight between football fans from Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv.

In May , Metalist Kharkiv was removed from Ukraine's professional football leagues. All fans, however, have currently declared a truce due to the war in Eastern Ukraine.

After the creation of SC Dnipro-1 the rivalry between two clubs has begun. This has resulted on a fight during one of the derbies. In this rivalry fans of FC Dnipro are allied with former enemies — ultras from Kharkiv , who support newly formed Metalist with whom they have once set in guest's ultras zone during the match Dnipro Soviet Footballer of the Year.

Ukrainian Footballer of the Year. Ukrainian Premier League [13] Footballer of the Year. Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules.

Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. FC Dnipro participates in European competitions since after playing its first against Trabzonspor.

Since , however, the club participates almost on annual basis with variable successes. This was interrupted in , when, despite finishing third place, Dnipro was forbidden to play in the European competitions by UEFA.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk disambiguation. Meteor Stadium and Dnipro Arena.

List of FC Dnipro seasons. FC Dnipro in European football. Ukrainian Federation of Bandy and Rink-Bandy. Archived from the original on 16 June Retrieved 16 May Retrieved 15 May Retrieved 28 May Retrieved 26 May Football Federation of Ukraine.

Archived from the original on 16 May The team has marvelous chances to start playing in the PFL already this summer.

Retrieved 24 August Association football portal Ukraine portal. Players Managers Matches Seasons. FC Dnipro — current squad.

FC Dnipro — managers. Soviet Top League seasons. List of Ukrainian football champions. Retrieved from " https: Pages using Timeline CS1 maint: Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Dnjepr vs psv 1-0 Thomas Doll und Journalist zoffen sich wegen Lisa Müller. Stern - Die Woche. Dazu begingen sie mehr Fouls und erhielten mehr gelbe Karten als alle anderen an der Europa League teilnehmenden Mannschaften. Panzerarmee ging mit dem VII. Erst Marcel Maltritz Familienunternehmen fit für die Zukunft. Mit dem Zusammenbruch der Sowjetunion spielte der Club nun in der neugegründeten ersten ukrainischen Liga. Ich habe kein Fieber, aber Husten und eine laufende Nase. Eine Lücke öffnete sich indes nicht. Um die Kampfführung am unteren Dnjepr zu erleichtern, wurde die 6. However the site had been badly chosen because spring waters were transforming the city into a bog. Polish wikipedia says The central thoroughfare is known as Akademik Yavornitskyi Prospekt, a, wide and long boulevard that stretches east to west through fc köln gegen hoffenheim centre of the city. Meteor Stadium and Dnipro Arena. In addition to this there are a large number of taxi firms operating in the city, and many residents have private cars. Stalinist architecture monumental soviet classicism dominates in the city centre. Dnipro played their first official game Beste Spielothek in Köslar finden 29 September against their local rivals Metalurh Zaporizhyabut Dnipro lost 1—2. Dnipro's river port xtra triple card located close to the area surrounding the central railway station, on Beste Spielothek in Sollerup finden dream catcher casino rama of the river. Dnipro has some highways crossing through the city. Retrieved on 21 June According to media reports, Dnipropetrovsk was relatively quiet during the pro-Russian unrest in Ukrainewith pro-Russian Federation protestors outnumbered by those opposing outside intervention. The team participated during the first season under the name Petrovsky factory, which was changed in to "Petrovets.

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